Judgement & Values

Judgement, not personality is the key to success


Identify frustrations, stress & burnout in your staff & reduce staff turnover

Team Cohesion

Whether building a team from scratch or developing an existing one, we can ensure cohesion

Succession Planning & Leadership Development

Identify who is ready to move up in your organisation & develop them to succeed

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Judgement Index is applied:

Healthcare & Social Care

Recruitment, retention & increasing quality in care

Sport & Fitness Industry

Applied in both team & individual sports

Projects & Construction

Studies for the Major Projects Association & ECITB

Sales & Customer Service

Selecting & developing sales & customer service staff

In House Recruitment

Find candidates with values that match your organisation

Defence & Security

How security & defence companies use the JI

General Solutions

See how the JI can be applied in many scenarios


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Measuring Judgement – the toughest test of all… until now!



Over 40+ years of research and over 30 validation studies.

Values, not Personality

Value systems, not personality, determine judgement.


The most scientific and mathematical assessment of it’s kind. .

Nobel Prize Nominated

Dr Robert S Hartman received a Nobel prize nomination for his work.

Client Feedback:

“We have been using the Judgement Index as part of our overall recruitment strategy which has shown positive results in the calibre and values of the candidates we have employed.  We are using this tool proactively to assist in assessing all other staff across the organisation to identify training and support needs to ensure we all work towards the company goals and values.”

St Cloud Care

Client Feedback:

“We used Judgement Index as a key part of a Senior Management Development programme as it effectively measured the core aspects of effective leadership in a way that was simple but incredibly powerful. As a method of identifying high performance, and behaviour in a range of different settings, there are few better tools”

David Murray, Learning and Development Manager, Shepherd Group

Client Feedback:

“I found the analysis provided by the Judgement Index to be accurate and greatly assisted us in determining the strengths and areas for development of both successful and unsuccessful candidates. I would not hesitate in recommending the Judgement Index.”

Andy Parkinson, CEO, UK Anti-Doping