The Judgement Index

You were asked to take the Judgement Index by an organisation committed to recruiting the right people. Many companies use some form of assessment to assist with the hiring process, and the Judgement Index measures values and judgement capacity. You may have found it quite different to anything you’ve taken before and so we’ve listed some common questions and answers below.


If I don’t get the job, does it mean I failed the test?

You cannot fail the Judgement Index as it is not a test and it does not have a pass or fail result. Depending on the organisation who asked you to take the assessment, they will have received a report highlighting some potential strengths and development areas to consider and explore further at interview. This helps the interviewer understand your own values and decision making much better.

Why were the phrases so strange?

The Judgement Index has over 50 years research, and the phrases all have a scientific and mathematical measurement against them. The phrases allow you to sift through your own value system to decide where to place them in order, and they have to be like that in order to get a true reflection of your values. Every person who takes the assessment receives the exact same phrases and we’ve had children as young as 12 take it.

Does the company see what order I put the phrases in?

No they do not. They only ever see the final report which is sent to them.

Will this assessment decide if I get the job or not?

We advise that the assessment accounts for no more than 30% of the hiring decision. In the US this is the law with all assessments.

Does it have any bias towards race, religion, gender or ethnicity?

The assessmentĀ meets all standards of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. We also participated in the largest adverse impact study conducted which confirmed that the results are not skewed based on any religion, race, gender or ethnicity.

Why was I asked to take this assessment and not a personality test?

The organisation who asked you to take the assessment did so because want to make sure that they map the values-based behaviours of the people they are hiring against the roles, values and culture of their organisation. Personality tests just don’t offer this. The Judgement Index is used all across the world helping to recruit, develop and retain the right people.

If you’d like more information, please feel free to look through the website and blogs.