Care Homes

Care Home in Essex

This home was plunged into crisis in 2014 following an expose on the BBC’s Panorama Series. Having been rated as “Good” by the CQC only a few months earlier, they then revisited and took enforcement action. Seven members of staff were suspended and three were subsequently charged with assault and harassment. At the time the home had only recently come under new ownership and the Chief Exec. had been in position only for a matter of weeks. On top of that they had very high staff turnover which was only adding to the issues within the home.


  • The Judgement Index was implemented immediately to assess new candidates and all existing staff for benchmarked judgement capacities and strength.
  • Guideline development standards were created for management and they were given training on how to effectively interview based on the JI report.
  • Separate management advice and support was delivered on developing the values of the staff in order to improve culture within the home.


Within four months agency support had been eliminated and at the twelve month point staff turnover had reduced by 50%. The management developed their own value system off the back of the work of the Judgement Index around “Kindness, Care and Respect” which was embraced by the care workers and used as the driving force to turn things around.

18 months on they have now become an award winning care organisation, nominated for five national care awards (and counting) and winning for excellence in leadership and management.

“We introduced the Judgement Index as part of our recruitment processes in September 2014, and it has made a really positive impact in terms of the suitability of our new recruits.
The outcome of this has been that our staff turnover rates have moved from above average for the sector to well below, which has in turn allowed us to eliminate agency and drive up quality”. We have also been nominated for 5 x care awards and won best leadership and management team all of which, the application of the Judgement Index had a massive part in.” Julia Clinton CEO of Sonnet Care Homes

Care Home in Oxfordshire

“We have been using the Judgement Index as part of our overall recruitment strategy which has shown positive results in the calibre and values of the candidates we have employed.  We are using this tool proactively to assist in assessing all other staff across the organisation to identify training and support needs to ensure we all work towards the company goals and values.
Focused value based training has had a very positive effect on one particular staff group who were struggling with understanding how they fit in with the organisation and how their values can be matched to or enhance the overall values of the company.”
St Cloud Care

Projects and Construction

Shepherd Group

“We used Judgement Index as a key part of a Senior Management Development programme as it effectively measured the core aspects of effective leadership in a way that was simple but incredibly powerful. As a method of identifying high performance, and behaviour in a range of different settings, there are few better tools.” David Murray, Learning & Development Manager, Shepherd Group

Hospitals and Healthcare

Midwest Healthcare System

Midwest healthcare system experiences significant improvement in retention.


  • The Judgement Index was used to assess new and current middle-level managers, RNs and senior-level managers for benchmarked judgement capacities and strength.
  • Guideline job fit and development standards were created for each department.


  • Attrition in Critical Positions was reduced by 109 employees.

Bottom Line Savings to Hospital System = $5,722,500 in first twelve months.

“During our first three years using the Judgement Index consistently as part of our hiring process, our turnover rate was reduced from 25.5 percent to 17.1 percent and our RN vacancy rate dropped from 13.5 percent to 5.3 percent. While we certainly cannot attribute 100 percent of this significant improvement in our retention during this period to our use of the Judgement Index, we are confident it played a major role. Lowering the high cost of turnover and avoiding the expense of “bad” hiring decisions clearly make the use of this tool very financially attractive, not to mention the benefits our patients receive by our doing a better job of having the right people in the right jobs. Using the Judgement Index for individual and team development also adds significant value to those processes with the insights it provides regarding a person’s judgment capability and capacity.” Doug Beckstett, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Houston, TX

Sales and Customer Service


This cloud platform and online CRM fortune 500 company in the US needed a best performer sales model to grow nationally and quickly.


  • Three unique sales divisions were identified.
  • Each division was given unique benchmarks for success with top performers being compared to average and low producers.
  • Focused changes were made in best performer hiring, training, and placement of their current personnel.

Mentoring and Personal Development

Through mentoring, specialised sales skills were improved resulting in:

  • More frequent contact between the small outside sales force.
  • More direct mentoring from the upper management team.

Critical indicators pointed to the following areas that needed personal development:

  • Focus/Concentration, assertiveness and improved self-image.


  • Sales grew from $1.7 Billion to $4.3 Billion in 14 months.

N200 – Europe’s leading event data intelligence company.

“Over the past 12 months Judgement Index have assisted us in several procedures in the UK and Europe.  They have helped us recruit and select personnel who will fit with the bespoke company identity.  They have helped us reduce risk of selecting the wrong individual and been able to select the right people, with the precise characteristics that fit with our company values.  We have been able to refine interview questions and techniques to bring the best out of people in interview.  We have seen the benefit of this by recruiting highly professional people who have added so much to the organisation.

At N200 we pride ourselves in infecting our customers with our brand and ethos. They then turn their users and exhibitors into marketing and sales forces for us and Judgement Index assist us to look at selecting the right people with the right values enabling this quality.  We have been able to use the Judgement Index to build teams, to refine our training and development needs and to promote a learning culture.

Judgement index has given us another dimension with our staff; we have been able to develop a highly professional culture for like-minded individuals, driving our business.   We now have a strong partnership with Judgement Index who will assist us as we grow.”    Bart van Bijnen – CEO N200

Eli Lilly – Global Pharmaceutical Company

“The results were fascinating! Rob managed to identify:

  • My top & consistent performers
  • Unhappy people who were likely to leave
  • My most difficult people in terms of manager / rep relationship. Rob looked deeper into the reports to find possible reason’s as they are not necessarily poor performers.
  • Team strengths
  • Team development areas
  • One’s to watch out for in terms of health / wellness”

Sally Atkinson, Sales Manager – Eli Lilly

Sports Performance

UK Navy Rugby Team

Without a win in 9 years against their Army counterparts, the Director of Navy Rugby, Lt Cdr Geraint Ashton Jones turned to the Judgement Index to gain the insight he felt he was lacking to effectively prepare his team for the match. By applying the Judgement Index to nine senior players, this new and unique understanding of the core of his team successfully informed the match preparations to the point where victory was achieved for the first time in almost a decade.

“Without a win against the Army since 2001, Navy Rugby knew that the challenge to break the losing run was as much about themselves as about the opposition.  The easy part of the challenge was the physical and tactical preparation.  More difficult was to develop player self awareness, decision making and to ensure the team’s mental preparation was where it needed to be to cope with a match played in front of 56,000 spectators.  In partnership with Judgement Index, Navy Rugby invested in a ground breaking programme for two of its coaches and seven senior players.  Over the course of four months I, as Director of Rugby, was able to tailor our preparation through the unique understanding afforded from the work with Judgement Index.  Sport is a result driven business, at 16:49 Saturday 1st May the scoreboard at Twickenham read; ARMY 22 NAVY 24.  `Navy Rugby, in partnership with Judgement Index, had won the Inter Services Championship for the first time in nine years.  I have no doubt that the contributing factors were many and varied but I also have no doubt as to the significant contribution made from utilising the insight afforded by the Judgement Index.”  Lt Cdr Geraint Ashton Jones RN, Director of Rugby, Royal Navy Rugby Union

The Winning 2008 US Ryder Cup Team

In 2008, US Ryder Cup Team Captain Paul Azinger harnessed the power of The Judgement Index to help him make the most perceptive choices possible in his team picks and also in the pairings for the match against Europe. Believing that having the insight to understand what selections and pairings would result in the best possible chemistry for the US team, Azinger successfully implemented the Judgement Index and achieved the first victory against Europe for the US in 9 years.

England Golf

The Judgement Index is used to support player and coaching staff development. This has included profiling over 200 players against capability frameworks especially designed for player and coach development.

“I have used the Judgement Index over the last 5 years and found it extremely valuable on a personal level and with staff. The analysis was very accurate and certainly made me more aware of my personal circumstances and hence I was able to action strengths and weaknesses accordingly.” Nigel Edwards, Performance Coach

Power Lifting

The Judgement Index was used to identify performance barriers for a talented power lifter who was not realising her potential. From the information gained performance interventions were designed and implemented with the performer subsequently becoming World Champion.

Defence and Military

Military Mentors

The Judgement Index was used as part of the selection process for the Military to Mentors programme, a project run by SkillForce on behalf of the Department for Education as part of the MOD backed Troops for Teachers initiative.  In addition to mapping candidate’s competency against our requirements, the Judgement Index gave valuable insights into their wellbeing and resilience also.  This enabled us to make an informed risk assessment of their ability to cope with stress, an essential requirement given that many candidates had active operational experience and would be working with very challenging young people who were at risk of exclusion from the school system.

In total over 150 candidates were screened over a 9 month period.  The quality of the candidates that were selected for Military to Mentors has been evident in the high number that have successfully made the transition into employment within the education sector working for schools colleges and SkillForce itself.” James Moore, Project Manager – Military Mentors

Military Teams

“I was first introduced to Judgement Index (JI) in 2008 when serving in the British Army and Commanding the Operational Training Advisory Group (OPTAG), charged with delivery predeployment/mission specific training to all soldiers and Royal Marines bound for Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Georgia.

Having suspected some issues with one of my more high functioning teams, I asked Rob Coulthard (MD of JI) to assist. After a 20 minute on-line questionnaire, entirely anonymous as far as Rob was concerned, he was able not only to identify the problem areas, assess the underlying issues but to suggest highly effective coping strategies for those concerned. That team was functioning to full capacity within two weeks and this was entirely down to JI. In addition his assessment correctly identified one of the subjects who was suffering from post operational strain and our early intervention enabled us to minimise the effect on the individual and rehabilitate him rapidly.

Determined to find out more about this impressive tool, I researched other projects that Rob had undertaken with Royal Marines, aircrew, and the winning Royal Navy Rugby team of 2010. I subsequently used JI for assembling and maintaining military teams and for developmental work within them. I was also able to recommend their implementation into the UK Sport, the Great Britain Olympic yachting teams (RYA) and the English RFU. All of these have started or are about to start utilising Rob’s programmes.  All this has led me to recommend JI to my own company as the assessment and development tool of choice for a company of 68,000 personnel world-wide.” Colonel (Retired) RJ Westley OBE MC