Building a champion mindset

by | Apr 23, 2024

Mitchell Hooper is the Worlds Strongest Man. He dedicates his life to strength training and in 2023 he defeated multiple former champions to win the highest accolade in strongman competitions.

Physical strength plays an obvious important role in his success, but what about mindset? In his ‘No Stone Unturned’ series on YouTube, Mitchell takes a deeper look into sports psychology and spent some time with Judgement Index consultant Ken Smithmier to understand how the assessment could support him to build a champion mindset.


The Judgement Index experience

The video gives an insight into the experience of taking the Judgement Index assessment, as we see Mitchell sit at a laptop and rank the 36 statements in order. Once he submits his assessment, Ken is able to bring up Mitchell’s report onscreen and share the results.

We really like that Mitchell chose to share the full experience of taking the assessment along with his own report. We’ve noticed an increase in senior management sharing their assessment results or key aspects with their teams and we’ve found it helps build a sense of trust and authenticity, as well as helping with team cohesion.

Ken explains what makes the Judgement Index assessment different to others: “You value things to certain degrees relative to how you value other things. Without ever being consciously aware of it you make decisions every day because of it.” 




What gets in the way for a high performing athlete?

Mitchell, no doubt, exercises and eats in a way to set him up for success in competition. But in this video we see something that has the potential to get in way of a champion mindset – Self Criticism. As Ken begins to share some of the results, Mitchell opens up as to how his results around criticism, self esteem and role awareness can have an impact on his day to day life.

The beauty of this video is getting to see how a feedback session works. The report gives a set of results, but it’s down to the coach or facilitator to explore how the results show up for someone in real life. By supporting Mitchell to unpack how the scores play out and whether they help or hinder, Ken is able to provide Mitchell with valuable insights to improve not just his performance in competition, but in his life and relationships.




Want to understand how the Judgement Index can apply to your sport?

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