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The difference between success and failure within the security sector often comes down to fine margins and it’s rarely a simple factor of pure knowledge or skill that impacts on the outcome.  Human performance will always be a massively important factor and having the ability to know what level of performance and risk there is within your own personnel is a key area of intelligence worth having.  We are able to accurately measure the value to which someone puts on areas of life and work.  And in addition we can identify to what extent an individual has strong or poor judgement ability either within a risk environment or whilst off duty.

Identifying Risk

The concept of analysing stress and wellness to predict risk has synergy across any environment where there is risk and this will also include security of assets and people.  The security sector is a typical environment where risk is increased if individuals and teams are under pressure and stress and there coping ability is weak or inhibited.  The Judgement Index will identify individuals and collective groups that represent a higher risk by using key indicators from certain results we gather i.e. noticing, focus and stress will significantly increase performance prediction and risk.  If potential risk employees are identified then appropriate measures can be initiated to resolve the situation.  This is a very pro-active method of reducing an incident or situation spiralling out of containment and control.

Initiatives using the JI

•    Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (sample study to predict success and risk within Officer Cadets)
•    NATO Defence College (Rome) – Development of team cohesion and analysis of risk in a team of multi-national officers.
•    Navel Leadership Academy – Staff development and team cohesion development.
•    USA Citadel College – Assessment and development cadets.
•    Walter Reed US Naval Hospital – Assessment and development of medical staff
•    Military Mentor (UK Gov Project) – Analysis of role capability and risk prior to training.
•    USA National Centre for Construction Research and Education – Screening Site Supervisors for risk and role capability.
•    SkillForce UK Charity – Screening instructors and team leaders conducting activities for role capability and risk.

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