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Organisations who have used The Judgement Index as part of their executive hiring process:

Executive Hiring Review

Tom Harlow – Team England and The Commonwealth Games

“The JI added another dimension to our recruitment process, which proved invaluable.  It really helped us get to know our candidates in a way that you simply can’t through just an interview.

Combined with our selection activities the JI enabled the panel to evaluate how the candidates would perform in a variety of scenarios, and what support we would need to give them to achieve their best in the role.

We would highly recommend the JI for any key recruitment.”

The process

How the Judgement Index fits into your hiring process

Shortlisted candidates

Candidates take the Judgement Index online in 20 minutes.

Requirements discussed

Share the job role and qualities you’re looking for with us.

JI reports shared with hiring panel

We produce reports, briefs and suggested interview prompts

Feedback for candidates

Where required we can provide feedback to candidates

guide for dealing with trauma for care companies

The benefits

What The Judgement Index brings to your executive recruitment process:


Allows you to understand the value system of the individual.


Cannot be skewed by age, ethnicity, religion, sex, etc.


In-built validity indicators for peace of mind.


Abstract and unlike typical psychometrics.