Do you have exams coming up or know someone who does?

Stress can be hard to manage, and with exam season on the horizon it can be an even bigger challenge for many students. We were delighted to be asked by Tutora if we would like to contribute towards their Ultimate Revision Guide, a jam packed resource full of tips and advice for anyone embarking on exams, and just in time for GCSE and A Level season. We felt our Stress Management Guide would be the perfect addition to help students, not just during revision but also through the exam itself.

The Ultimate Revision Guide

In collaboration with some carefully selected experts, Tutora have created a guide to take you through every step of the process, including creating revision timetables and different techniques to get the most out of your study time. They are experts in the subject themselves; they supply tutors for home tuition on any subject across the UK.

Dealing with exam stress

We reflected on our work with young sportspeople and apprentices to think about how they best managed stress in their environment. Whilst the guide is focusing on managing stress during the revision and exam period, the techniques described can be used across a variety of scenarios, and we know many of our clients face exams at some point in their role, so it’s definitely worth checking out and sharing with someone you know who many be struggling to cope with workload presently.

The Ultimate Revision Guide was a pleasure to be involved in, and if we can help students to overcome stress that’s holding them back so that they can perform well in exams then we are happy to help create the superstars of the future!

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