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The Judgement Index is effective in any organisation and can serve a number of purposes when the power of the tool is harnessed.

Recruitment – What’s Behind The Mask?

A potential employee can have all the right attributes on paper, but it’s almost or impossible to get a full picture of their judgement capabilities from a resume interview, which will be crucial in how valuable they prove to be to your organisation. Seeing beyond qualifications, experience, understanding the values and decision-making capabilities of candidates. These require a different type of insight that has traditionally been very difficult to previously measure.

Retention – Keeping The Lifeblood Of Your Business Flowing

Equally important is the retention of staff that adds real value to your operations. Through identifying those staff members who possess great judgement, may be stressed, unfulfilled, under-appreciated and, crucially, restless, you can ensure your business retains the lifeblood it needs to succeed.

Promotion & Succession Planning

Values, judgement, and decision making ability become much more critical as a person moves further up the chain of command. The Judgement Index provides quantifiable, accurate measurement of judgement and decision making ability for use by executive decision makers, giving them a benchmark for effective promotion and succession planning choices.

Management & Leadership Development

Armed with the knowledge of judgement capacities, leadership can be developed, strengthened and improved. Senior executives will also now fully understand the values and judgement capacities of the people they lead. This never before known information provides insight into their team’s strengths and weaknesses and improves communication, problem solving, planning, and decision making.

Identify Burnout & Stress

If you’re tired of losing your best employees, the Judgement Index can help identify the underappreciated, bored, stressed and restless. Identification opens the door to communication and dialogue, which opens the door to understanding, and ultimately, to employee satisfaction and retention.

Safety & Risk Management

Safety and risk management failures are most often the result of human failures. The human element in workplace processes must be carefully evaluated and assessed. People who exhibit excellent judgement capacities in the workplace will do more to diminish risk management exposures than any other single element of prevention.

Team Cohesion

The personal value structure is unique to each of us. Individual differences will often cause talented and capable people to clash. Frustration and stress result in lower productivity, morale and motivation, as well as a lower bottom line. Without exception, the Judgement Index fosters awareness, communication and an appreciation of different value structures, talents and capabilities.

Improve Job Fit

Specific jobs often require specific judgement skills. We can identify, from your best performers, the specific judgement requirements necessary for specific jobs, whether skilled or unskilled. This tailored approach allows you to benchmark your best performers & recruit more effectively.

If you would like to discuss applying the Judgement Index to your own organisation please use the contact form to get in touch.

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