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Whether you currently use an assessment tool in your organisation or not, there are over 2,500 different types of “assessment” on the market to choose from and they are used daily across the world to assist in hiring and promotion. 89 out of the 100 Fortune 500 companies use an assessment in their hiring process. So, there is much that can gained from the additional insight they provide, but choosing the right one for your business needs is another question.

The difference between the Judgement Index and other assessments.

There are some key differences that set the Judgement Index apart from other assessments, in terms of user experience:

  • The JI is not a self reporting tool – therefore it is near impossible to guess “correct” answers
  • It’s relatively short – taking on average 12-15 minutes to complete
  • It’s different – stacking abstract statements into an order is a new experience for most users
  • It’s just one assessment – we do not have different assessments for different roles/requirements
  • It measures a person’s value system and judgement capacity – not personality

and in terms of reporting:

  • Over 12 trillion different outcomes – we never typecast people into one of a few categories
  • Over 40 different indicators of values and judgement are measured
  • Specific “role related” reports can be pulled depending on what “critical indicator” information is required
  • The ability to benchmark your new hires against top performers within your company

How the Judgement Index fits with your current recruitment processes

The JI can sit as a stand alone assessment tool or run alongside other tools you use. The candidate would normally take the assessment at the point of interview, and the required report and interview questions will be automatically be sent to the the nominated interviewer. The interviewer can use the report and questions to “peel back the edges” of the candidate and truly understand their values, and whether they align with those of the organisation. The report also provides any development areas for the candidate, which can be approached at the point of hire and considered in their onboarding – meaning you’ve already got a head start on what could potentially get int he way of the candidate performing in their new role.

What else can the Judgement Index do?

The JI’s application goes further than just a hiring tool. Because the results can change over time, as judgement and values develop and change over time, the JI is a great tool to use when addressing the development needs of your new or existing staff. With new staff you’re able to onboard more effectively, knowing where they may potentially struggle as mentioned above. With an existing team you’re able to look across the values of an entire team to spot collective issues, stressors, burn-out etc, and deal with them effectively. For example we are often called to address “team cohesion” as a perceived need by management, when in fact that may not be the issue!

Using the JI extensively across the organisation give you an insight deeper than any employee survey. The ability to identify those staff members who may be stressed, unfulfilled, under-appreciated and, crucially, restless, enables you to address critical issues and ensure your business retains the lifeblood it needs to succeed.

How do you really know what the leadership capabilities are of your staff? The JI can identify those with the potential for excellence in leadership and armed with that information you can develop your staff into the leaders of tomorrow.

Training in the Judgement Index

We offer fully accredited Judgement Index training, either in a group environment or for an individual or internal team. This is normally a 2 days training course & fully CPD accredited. Once complete you will be able to read the most complex JI report, understanding over 40 indicators of judgement and how they relate to each other. You will have access to the JI forum, client area, bi-monthly webinars and additional free top-up courses online.

Should more people be required to interview and understand the Judgement Index reporting we have free online training courses for managers of departments etc, to understand the more basic reports and interview questions.

Why use the Judgement Index over another assessment.

Quite simply, if values are important to you, and you’ve recognised that having employees who mirror the values of your organisation is key, if you’ve recognised that people’s judgement is what drives their decision making (whether good or bad) across the company, and if you agree that no matter the personality, above all it is a person’s judgement that can be used as a predictor of success, then why not use a tool that matches up.

We’ve been around a lot longer than since values became a buzzword – and we’re happy to chat about why measuring values is the key to improving recruitment and retention.

Please see the Case Studies page for testimonials or use the contact form to get in touch for more information.

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