We are excited to say that one of our own consultant’s Ken Smithmier has been featured on the US Sports Channel ESPN discussing judgement with two sports presenters.

Following his thought provoking stint of the Paul Finebaum Radio Show discussing college football and errors in judgement, he was asked to put Paul Finebaum himself through the Judgement Index, along with Laura Rutledge, and deliver feedback live on television!

If you’re a fan of American Football, or even just sports in general and like to hear it compared with business, then both shows are a great listen. We have to admit we wouldn’t fancy delivering JI feedback live on TV to the leading sports authority in the south, but Ken does a great job of explaining how judgement calls are often the fine margins that either win or lose games, all the while relating back to the business world.

If you’ve taken the Judgement Index for yourself you’ll hear that he really only just skims the surface of feedback with the two presenters, and they sounds fascinated with what it uncovered about their work and life balance.

Unfortunately we only have access to the audio of the show below, but we hope you enjoy!


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