The Judgement Index was delighted when we were asked to be involved in the largest independent study of outstanding rated care managers ever conducted in the UK. While there have been a few studies of outstanding managers over the years, nothing has really got to the bottom of what these managers do that is different; in their own words. This was the mission undertaken by Cedi Frederick, MD of Article Consulting Ltd.

He then approached the Judgement Index to see if it was possible to measure the values-based behaviours of these managers, and if it could provide a unique and unprecedented insight into the individuals who make up this special group of people.

The Study “In Our Own Words”

The study was separated into two parts, the first being a questionnaire to establish the demographics and other information about these managers. It was also important to capture direct quotes about who they are, What do they do that is different to other managers? What is it about these managers as leaders that despite the challenges they face, their care home has achieved the highly coveted ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating?

A lot of this information reinforced what we already know about the sector, and shined a light on the emphasis these managers place on development, culture and leadership within a care home.

Part two of the study was for all participants to take the Judgement Index assessment, and the managers received an in depth feedback session as a thank you for being involved.

And the results were astounding!

We already know what good care workers look like. Our research over the past 40 years has allowed us to create a very clear blueprint which our care clients use to hire, develop and retain their staff. It allows them to spot risk at interview and uncover the details so that they can make the right decision. It allows them to spot potential in people who may not be interviewing well, or in a team member who could be a future leader.

However the results from the outstanding care managers were more consistent than any other recent study we have conducted. They all had the same strong results in the same areas of values-based behaviour. It was incredible to see and really solidified for us what it takes to be an outstanding manager.

Read the report for yourself

The full report and research is available for you download, print, share and read. You can download the full report by clicking here.

Curious about your own managers?

We offer all care companies a free sample of the Judgement Index assessment and this allows us to bring to life what it can do for your business, either for the development or your own managers or for the selection and retention of staff. If you’re curious as to how your managers compare to the outstanding managers of the study, simply get in touch and we can arrange this for you. Call 0800 8101025 or send us an email.


If you’re interested in hearing more about how the Judgement Index could support your organisation with hiring the right people, developing your teams, spotting future leaders and retaining talent then why not get in touch today?

Every company is unique and every client of ours is different, and after finding out more about you and your business we will bring the Judgement Index to life for you with a free sample or trial. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

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