Patient First at the Excel

by | Nov 24, 2016

We’ve just recovered from the Patient First exhibition at the Excel Centre in London on 22/23rd November, what a busy 2 days.

After exhibiting at the Health Plus Care exhibition back in June we decided it would be great to attend a more hospital focused event & speak with people about their experiences with recruitment & retention. Well retention was the hot topic of the event & every person we spoke with had a story about their own company & the challenges faced retaining staff, especially good staff. We heard a lot about teams where staff were leaving before the 6 month mark & the management had tried many different things including employee surveys & exit interviews to try to find the key to changing things.

We also spoke to a few angry & frustrated doctors & nurses who could see first hand the impact of the retention issues on the rest of the team. Quite often an organisation might calculate the cost of having to re-hire, re-train & the time it takes to get a new team member up to speed, but it’s much harder to measure the impact on the existing team in terms of morale, having to carry extra workload, a lack of ownership & the feeling of frustration towards management.

Everyone wants to work somewhere they feel valued & appreciated, & most enjoy being part of a team, especially when there’s empathy & understanding of each others roles & responsibilities. Speaking with one particular organisation I asked a manager why she had the best retention rates in their company, & her response was that everyone worked on the same level. As a manager she knew if any of her team wanted to question a decision or had an idea, that they could come to her & she welcomed challenge. She didn’t want too much of a structure of hierarchy & everyone took responsibility for their work, & that most importantly, everyone felt valued. She was definitely proud when she spoke of her team & her words echoed what we see so much in successful, high performing teams.

Another common question we had from people was around values-based recruitment. It seems that everyone understands that values, above personality, were more important in hiring, but most were unsure how best to understand someones values during an interview. We hear this often, especially with values being such a buzzword in recruitment, & most methods of questioning around values we find are just too obvious. In an interview scenario it’s very easy to work out how you should be answering.

Hopefully, everyone we spoke with understood what we are trying to achieve with our values assessment. We look forward to catching up with delegates post show & everyone will be receiving our leaflet “Top 10 ideas & strategies to be innovative in a care environment” via email in the next few days.

We also really enjoyed sharing our stand with Healthier Recruitment, a company we work with & who are definitely doing things differently. They only offer permanent solutions, unlike the many locum agencies at the show, & they feel this helps to build long term relationships & offers a higher quality of candidate, who will be a better fit for the organisation. Certainly they share many of the same values as us, so we are delighted to be working with them.



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