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The Judgement Index can support you in identifying potential or risk, while our human performance courses develop future leaders and a high-performance culture.

Measuring value-based judgement to predict performance and risk

The Judgement Index is used to identify and predict:





The Judgement Index assessment

Used to select the right people for a project -or- develop existing project teams

Use the Judgement Index to identify strengths and development areas of individual team members. This will create empathy within the group and build team cohesion and engagement.

Example: Shortlisted individuals are analysed using the Judgement Index assessment. Reports are shared with the project lead to assist with selection. Optional targeted workshop to develop team cohesion from day one.

David Murray

Learning & Development Manager, Shepherd Group

“We used Judgement Index as a key part of a Senior Management Development programme as it effectively measured the core aspects of effective leadership in a way that was simple but incredibly powerful. As a method of identifying high performance, and behaviour in a range of different settings, there are few better tools.”

We’ve worked with:

Human Performance Courses

Human Performance Course

A 1-day course suitable for all staff

This course focuses on the development of both the individual and team and is suitable for all levels of staff.

This course meets and exceeds Sellafield’s Standard 5 Error Nuclear Professionalism Standards (SSI 3.02.241) and aligns with the 5 core Human Performance Tools.

Key topics:

  • Performance, communication, compliance and team cohesion.
  • Lead yourself, contribute to others and positively influence the culture you live and work in.
  • Create a like-minded, dynamic set of individuals who work as one, in a high-performing culture.

Advanced Human Performance Course

A 1-day course that stands alone or can lead on from the HUP course

The advanced course is designed for managers and leaders and equips attendees with strategies to develop the performance of individuals and teams.

The course introduces

  • Situational leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Feedback for performance
  • Driving culture.

Shaun Anderson


“I found the course quite inspirational, it was good to see that everyone was on a similar page with their thoughts about mental health, etc.”

Rachel McLaren


The course delivered by Rob was NOT your average course. The course content was extremely interesting, and the delivery was absolutely fantastic.  Absolutely 10 out of 10.

The benefits

How the JI team can support:

Team Cohesion

Know how best to manage and motivate individuals and teams in order to increase engagement and cohesion.


Develop towards the performance standards that elite teams achieve, with a framework that matches the very best in the sector.


Raise awareness and development support in regards to ‘Transition/Change Capability’.

Risk Factors

Highlight potential barriers and risk to transition and performance success, such as wellness, focus, direction and motivation.

Values and Elite Performance by Rob Coulthard

In this short video, taken from the APM conference, Rob discusses the difference between elite sports teams and typical project teams and what lessons can be learned from studying elite performance.