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Your people are the greatest asset of your business and by utilising the Judgement Index it will enable you to hire, develop and retain the right people for long term success.

Measuring value-based judgement to predict performance and risk

The Judgement Index is used to identify and predict:





Putting together projects teams

Selection of the right people -or- shaping and developing existing project teams.

Use the Judgement Index to identify strengths and development areas of individual team members. This will create empathy within the group and build team cohesion and engagement.

Example: Shortlisted individuals are analysed using the Judgement Index assessment. Reports are shared with the project lead to assist with selection. Optional targeted workshop to develop team cohesion from day one.

Risk analysis in sensitive environments

Identifying wellbeing issues that could impact compliance

Use the Judgement Index to provide value-based behavioural analysis. This service is popular within high-risk environments such as nuclear, as well as general infrastructure.

Example: Analysis of a team using the Judgement Index assessment. Creation of reports that identify risk/compliance/wellbeing issues. Feedback to seniors with the option of training packages and workshops for development.

Developing project leaders

Leadership development package

The Judgement Index provides the foundation of a 1 to 10 day leadership programme, delivered to all levels from junior projects personnel to project managers and leaders. The Judgement Index team has delivered the Rising Stars Programme for the MPA for the last five years.

Example module include: Basic coaching for leaders, developing confidence, managing conflict and EQ, social management and team cohesion, feedback for performance.

David Murray

Learning & Development Manager, Shepherd Group

“We used Judgement Index as a key part of a Senior Management Development programme as it effectively measured the core aspects of effective leadership in a way that was simple but incredibly powerful. As a method of identifying high performance, and behaviour in a range of different settings, there are few better tools.”

Benefits to project personnel

  • Project leaders, managers, planners and construction personnel who wish to have their value based judgement indicators measured against a framework that matches the very best in their sector.
  • Project teams who seek cutting edge material and support from which to develop themselves towards the performance standards that elite teams achieve.
  • Those who believe they have what it takes to succeed and are motivated and creative enough to invest in themselves or their teams.
  • Raise awareness and development support in regards to ‘Transition/Change Capability’.
  • Highlight potential barriers and risk to transition and performance success i.e. wellness, focus, direction and motivation.
  • Receive an in-depth insight of how best to manage and motivate individuals and teams in order to increase engagement and cohesion.

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