Sales and Customer Service

Even the most excellent products and services offered by an organisation will be enhanced or diminished by excellence in service, and this can be critical in a company’s success.

For many years, trying to find individuals who will provide high levels of customer service has been a pressing desire for many organisations. On the other hand, being able to predict if a new worker will advance positive sales service has not been easy and being able to assess the sales service capacity of present workers has presented its own challenges. The Judgement Index has proven to be an effective tool in understanding and improving both the customer service potential of new and existing workers.

“Over the past 12 months Judgement Index have assisted us in several procedures in the UK and Europe.  They have helped us recruit and select personnel who will fit with the bespoke company identity.  They have helped us reduce risk of selecting the wrong individual and been able to select the right people, with the precise characteristics that fit with our company values.  We have been able to refine interview questions and techniques to bring the best out of people in interview.  We have seen the benefit of this by recruiting highly professional people who have added so much to the organisation.

At N200 we pride ourselves in infecting our customers with our brand and ethos. They then turn their users and exhibitors into marketing and sales forces for us and Judgement Index assist us to look at selecting the right people with the right values enabling this quality.  We have been able to use the Judgement Index to build teams, to refine our training and development needs and to promote a learning culture.

Judgement index has given us another dimension with our staff; we have been able to develop a highly professional culture for like-minded individuals, driving our business.   We now have a strong partnership with Judgement Index who will assist us as we grow.”  

Bart van Bijnen – CEO N200

Identifying great salespeople

Through our 40+ years of research we have identified what areas of judgement are crucial in sales & customer service. Using these bench marked indicators we are able to highlight preferred candidates & potential risk. However, we believe that what what makes a great salesperson at one company, does not necessarily make them great at another, so we are able to work with your own organisation to tailor a report based on your own best performers. Their shared strengths can be bench marked for future hires.

“The results were fascinating! The Judgement Index managed to identify:

  • My top & consistent performers
  • Unhappy people who were likely to leave
  • My most difficult people in terms of manager / rep relationship. Rob looked deeper into the reports to find possible reason’s as they are not necessarily poor performers.
  • Team strengths
  • Team development areas
  • One’s to watch out for in terms of health / wellness”
Sally Atkinson, Sales Manager – Eli Lilly

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