Training courses and workshops

As well as training in the Judgement Index assessment, we offer a variety of training focused on human performance, leadership and culture development.

We’ve delivered courses and workshops for:

Our commitment

Our courses are designed to be informative, practical, dynamic, challenging and fun! 

Attendees will take away skills and strategies that can be utilised in both their personal and professional environments. 

Our aim is to support attendees to create safe, professional and wellbeing healthy environments for both themselves, their colleagues and families.

Human Performance Courses

Human Performance Course

A 1-day course suitable for all staff

This course focuses on the development of both the individual and team and is suitable for all levels of staff.

This course meets and exceeds Sellafield’s Standard 5 Error Nuclear Professionalism Standards (SSI 3.02.241) and aligns with the 5 core Human Performance Tools.

Key topics:

  • Performance, communication, compliance and team cohesion.
  • Lead yourself, contribute to others and positively influence the culture you live and work in.
  • Create a like-minded, dynamic set of individuals who work as one, in a high-performing culture.

Advanced Human Performance Course

A 1-day course that stands alone or can lead on from the HUP course

The advanced course is designed for managers and leaders and equips attendees with strategies to develop the performance of individuals and teams.

The course introduces

  • Situational leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Feedback for performance
  • Driving culture.

Human Performance Course Review

“The course delivered by Rob was NOT your average course. The course content was extremely interesting, and the delivery was absolutely fantastic.

The way Rob used practical activities and examples to show us how the content in the course was applicable in practice, allowed us to clearly understand how make positive changes in the workplace going forward.

I am looking forward to seeing the implementation of the learnt strategies being rolled out throughout the company.

Absolutely 10 out of 10″


Rachel McLaren, Altrad

Other Courses

Leadership workshops and academies

From half day workshops to 10-day courses

With over 20 modules to choose from, we can design and deliver the right leadership course for your team.

Whether you’re looking to build confidence in new leaders or develop a high performing culture, our dynamic and interactive courses will support your people to develop and thrive.

Culture development

For companies that require culture shift

Great culture is driven by great leaders, and we can work with you to transform the culture of your organisation.

Through focused, targeted, train-the-trainer style sessions, we will ensure you have the toolkit to manage a change programme long term.

Not your average training course

All of our courses and workshops include:

Dynamic and passionate trainers

Interactive, challenging and fun

Dedicated digital resources

Train the trainer style of delivery

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